Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tam Number Three

I started counting because I'm aiming to make one hundred and one. There's a nice moment when making a tam, rather like the last move in a string figure when you open it up and the pattern is displayed clearly for the first time. This is keeping me intrigued.
If Mr JB should look at this, yes, it is your design, but I haven't done the pattern quite how you said because I was experimenting with the traditional colours and how they combine.
I've used indigo, madder and safflower again and the colours have chaanged depending on whether they have yellow next to the blue or red. The pattern would probably work quite well in black and white.


Beth said...

Your tams are beautiful! Such lovely colors. Although I look terrible in tams, I am tempted to knit one now.

blodeuedd said...

Thanks Beth. Even if they don't suit you they're fun to knit. You can always decorate the house with them!