Tuesday, August 4, 2009

First Flower of Spring Tam

Winter in Otago is rather different from winter in Australia. The days get very short and it's pretty cold getting up in the mornings to do the animals. The good side is that when the days start to get longer again and there are a few milder days it can feel like spring is arriving even though it's still officially winter. Now, in August, the sun is shining and the chooks are starting to lay. There are spring lambs in the village and and the first pink flower on an apricot tree in the orchard. This tam is to celebrate that. Of course, that flower is also a reminder to get out there and prune the fruit trees before everything really gets going.
i've used a faded black wool from our rare breed Pitt Island sheep and white wool dyed with red sandalwood, kangaroo apple (poroporo), lichen (Sticta coronata) and safflower. The pattern is supposed to show a dignified Gothic arch as well but the flower wanted to be the focus of attention.


Andie said...

That is beautiful! Kangaroo Apple? What colour does that give?
You have my admiration as always.
Enjoy your spring.

blodeuedd said...

The leaves of Kangaroo Apple give a pleasant sage green. They don't smell the best while they're doing it, though.