Saturday, August 8, 2009

Coral Seas Tam

When I designed the wheel pattern for this tam it was supposed to look like gracefully intersecting lines but actually ended up resembling a six tentacled sea creature - a sectapus, I suppose. So I gave it some wave patterns and some warm water to live in. Although we live only a few minutes walk from a beautiful South Pacific beach the water is so cold I've never been in it. I believe you need to be a child or the owner of a wetsuit. This water is much warmer.
I used handspun wool, and the dyes are madder, red sandalwood, kangaroo apple and natural indigo.


Libby said...

just lovely - a very clever design. Where is Hampden?

blodeuedd said...

Thanks. Hampden is a village about 80 kilomtres north of Dunedin. Not that far from you, relatively speaking!

Jen said...

Wow, I just did a tam from Starmore's design-your-own. Just starting with FairIsle knitting. Of all the tams I've seen so far, this one of yours is the most beautiful ! Simply delicious !