Thursday, April 4, 2013

At Doe's Dyehouse

A week or two ago I visited Doe Arnot's dyehouse where she was hard at work dyeing the beautiful alpaca from Flagstaff Alpacas. Andy from Flagstaff was there as well, skeining the dyed yarns as they dried.
Here you can see an array of the colours they create for sale. Doe is an artist and the subtle shades of variegated yarns she creates are beautiful and inspiring to knit with. The yarns are so soft to the touch that I can barely feel them. 
Doe in the dyehouse and hanging the hot wool out to dry.

 An excellent use for a trampoline.

Andy skeining the wool.
As well as the plain yarns, Doe was dyeing a variety of marled yarn.

I took an armload of these home as well as some green and some turquoise yarn which Doe dyed especially.
These yarns are now becoming a selection of tams of which you will hear more later.

 And here is the mohair wool that I bought in Australia.
It is now a very warm and comfortable 1950s jacket.

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Andie said...

Thank you for sharing this, What a lot of hard work with spectacular results. Looking forward to seeing the tams!!