Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Her Ladyship

This is officially about the launch of Lady Franklin, a jumper inspired by a photograph of a 1920s prize winning jumper from the Shetlands. The design keeps to traditional colours but the overall effect of the way the motifs are used is quite different from the majority of Fair Isle designs.
Every second motif in a round is different and this seemed complicated until I started to work it. Then I realised that the way the motifs are organised means that the one you are working on is in full view from the previous set and all you need to do is to copy it. So simple really. I didn't need to look at my chart after I'd finished the first round of motifs. The old ways of doing things are often the most logical.
The donkey helped me with this one from the start. Thanks Teddy.

This jumper was very fast to knit and just as well because I needed to go to Australia to meet my first (and I'm told, only) grandson, Heath. He was not quite one week old when I arrived but had started life at over ten pounds, so he was well on his way already.

I did buy some wool there - some Australian Heirloom mohair and wool blend, a 12-ply in cerise - from the wool shop in Katoomba which is closing down after fifteen years. Such a shame, although I admit I got 40% off the wool because of their sale.
I also visited Morris and Sons in York Street in Sydney. It was very fashionable and quite expensive. I bought just the one ball of a mohair and silk blend from Italy. I would post photos of these purchases but after all the excitement the flu has got me and I'm confined to quarters. The excitement included a Sibelius concert at the Opera House and afterwards Aschkenazy himself signed my programme. No wonder my system has decided to close down.

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