Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Return of Spring

We've been having some very unpleasant weather. There was a gale blowing straight from Antarctica and bringing sleet and flurries of snow right down here to the edge of the ocean. Fortunately the sheep and goats did not produce any more babies while the weather was so nasty, but we do have quite a few lambs already in the paddocks. Their mothers kept them out of the wind as much as they could and everybody came through.
Yesterday with the sun returning the lovely Melanie from Moeraki Boulders Holiday Park agreed to model the Queen of the Night for me. Her verdict was that it was very warm and comfortable and she thought the shape was just right, which was nice because I really agonised over the shape and did more maths than I've done since I left school.

Then a trip to Oamaru where I found this lovely merino/alpaca blend from Flagstaff Alpacas hand dyed by Doe Arnott. It's called Gimmerburn and I bought the lot, so if you like it you'll need to ask Doe to dye some more.
It looks almost edible - thank heavens it's not. My mind is full of plans about what to make from it.

A bit more farm news. Mrs Goose is nesting right by the front door and Mr Goose keeps guard night and day, passing the boring moments by shouting at his reflection in a mirror.

He's very messy, too.

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Andie said...

Love Mr goose, how faithful!
The queen of the night is arresting two. working on it.