Thursday, July 26, 2012

Green and Gold Impudence

As you can see this has absolutely nothing to do with the Olympics (Australia's colours are green and gold) but is about socks and accordions. The accordion in the picture is a rather elderly small sized Serenelli from Italy with gold-flecked keys. It's in rather poor taste but who could resist a gold accordion? The socks tone it down just a little.
I had the idea for these at the same time as the Frivolitee socks. They're quite different because they're worked in a couple of slip stitch patterns and are full of texture and depth. The patterning is a bit hard to see in the sun. It might be clearer in this photo:
They can be made without the top frill but that wouldn't be quite so much fun to do.
I've admired the Bohus designs for a while but I know that they are complex to work. I like the way these have a Bohus look with hardly any effort at all - only one colour for each row. The main colour, Maury, is the same that I used for this jumper so I knew how lovely it is -
A pretty frilled jumper
Back to the socks now. They are available as a kit from Renaissance Dyeing and they're called Impudence. Just the thing for cool nights in the gypsy caravan.

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