Monday, May 3, 2010

Roman de la Rose

Andie from Renaissance Dyeing asked me if I could come up with a design using her beautiful naturally dyed and organic wool for KnitNation 2010 in July. she gave me a free hand to choose the colours and what I wanted to design. I chose a traditional group of colours dyed with woad, madder, indigo, weld and cutch. When I saw the colours she had produced with these dyes I was struck with their resemblance to the brilliant colours in medieval paintings. Hence the inspiration for my design.
Over the next few weeks more will be revealed.


shandy said...

I've just dicovered your blog through Ravelry and I have very much enjoyed looking through your work. Such brilliant colour choices, and intriguing designs.

blodeuedd said...

I can't take credit for these colours, unfortunately, because they're the work of Andie at Renaissance Dyeing. She gets the most vibrant colours from natural dyes that I've ever seen. I coudn't believe it when I first saw them.

hawknitr13 said...

i, too, found you on ravelry! these rose design items are simply gorgeous!! what a talent you have and a great 'dyer' friend!!