Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tartan update

Here is a progress report on the bookbinder's tartan. We met yesterday at Doe's and amazed ourselves by producing cloth that looks just like we hoped it would. The photos are a bit bleached looking because it was a dull day and the flash took away the yellow and green colours, but they give the general idea.


Shepherd's Loft said...

I think the plaid is lovely. Does "bookbinder" refer to the plaid pattern or the use of the woven cloth?

Fran said...

What an interesting project. I hope the bookbinder is pleased with the tartan.

山頂2号 said...

The bookbinder in question is Michael O'Brien of Oamaru and the tartan is the O'Brien tartan, a recent invention dating from the mid 1990s, so we're back-dating it a bit by making it in handspun.