Thursday, November 27, 2008

Estonian Gloves

These are again from Nancy Bush's Knitting in Estonia. I used some of an alpaca fleece from my brother's alpacas and some of the Gotland Pelt left from the last jumper I knitted. My mother had washed the alpaca wool for me and sent it from Australia so I thought I should use it to make her a birthday present. Actually there's quite a bit left, so there'll be a few more presents made from it before Christmas. The gloves were amazingly quick and easy to make - two days' knitting really. I could make another pair but there are still some patterns from the book that I would like to try first. It's lovely having such soft wool to work with. Luckily I still have a cria fleece waiting to be spun.


Anonymous said...

These are beautiful -- makes me wish I was your mother -- but glad it's not ME having the birthday. LOL!

山頂2号 said...

Ah, but if you were in your eighties you might be glad to be having a birthday at all. Though I suppose nobody really looks at birthdays that way.