Wednesday, July 16, 2008

go go gown

A 1940s dressing gown pattern knitted in some really sheepy colours. I expect the original was in primrose yellow or pale blue. The waist band has a bit of colour - Coreopsis and Mulberry. The two browns come from the same sheep, Elsie. The lighter brown is her hogget fleece. I just happened to have a lot of wool that needed using up.


su dennett said...

Kate, this is really stunning. Are you just knitting for yourself or are you selling as well? I, for one, would love a go go gown like this one!
Seems NZ is bringing out more of your creative side.

山頂2号 said...

Hi Su. I'm happy to make things for trade but it's too difficult to work out what they're worth in money because they take so much time. I do think the gown would suit you. Come and visit and you can borrow it.